Jazzalara a.k.a Lara Deutz is a Dutch singer songwriter influenced by jazz and pop.

When Lara sits down at the piano something around her shifts. She escapes from the world and fills the place with warm and jazzy sounds.

Her songs are often autobiographical. They are about freedom, nature, and love. Jazzalara sings and plays her songs with passion and individuality, inspired by Nina Simone, Janne Schra, and Peggy Lee.

Lara is the daughter of two (fine art) painters and started playing the piano when she was only five years old. She has played piano in the jazz band Les Coupe-Vents with whom she performed at the North Sea Jazz Festival in 2006 and 2008. After the band split up she started singing and writing her own songs. She did gigs by herself, participated in jam sessions with other musicians. When Lara formed a duo with Emiel Berghout her music became ‘poppier’.

Currently, Jazzalara is writing new songs and trying to find a new sound on her own. But always with a jazzy twist.

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Photography: Alexandra Baban